Test Mode Instructions

To determine where to find the best signal strength for your phone or cellular device, it works best to put your phone into it's "Test Mode." If you would like to put your phone in test mode, please click on the link for the most up-to-date list of Cell Phone Test Modes, and the instructions will guide you through the steps of setting it up. If you have questions, or if you need assistance with putting your phone in test mode, contact Wilson Electronics Technical Support Department at 866-294-1660.

Please notice that signal strength, measured in decibels (dB), is expressed as a negative number and can range from about -30 to -110. On certain phones, the number may show as positive in test mode. In such cases, convert it to negative. For example, 60 dB is actually -60 dB. The closer the number is to zero, the better signal your phone is receiving. Thus, a reading of -60 dB is a stronger signal than -75 dB.