Mobile 3G (460102 - formerly 801212)

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The Wilson Electronics Mobile 3G™ cell phone signal booster improves coverage – including 3G and 2G data downloads – for subscribers of all North American cellular carriers. For specific information about frequency bands, click the specs tab above.

All cellular devices – phones, data cards, tablets, etc. – connect to the system wirelessly, and the Mobile 3G supports multiple simultaneous connections. The Mobile 3G extends cellular signal range, reduces lost connections and speeds data rates.

Our top-selling vehicle signal booster helps you stay connected around town and on the open road by detecting available cellular signal, amplifying it, and delivering the amplified signal inside your vehicle.

With the Wilson Electronics Mobile 3G, you’ll see fewer dropped calls, faster downloads and a stronger, more reliable cellular signal. The Mobile 3G has an MSRP of $329.99.

Setting up the Wilson Mobile Wireless Booster takes just a few minutes.

Stay safe and connected in your car with the Wilson Mobile Wireless Booster.