“Wireless Wednesday”–Samsung Announces Galaxy Note Edge Phablet

Happy Wednesday!

Today for “Wireless Wednesday” we’re looking at the new Note from Samsung, the Galaxy Note Edge! Last week, many of you said you were excited for this announcement. Well, here it is. What do you think? Is it everything you had hoped for?
Check out the excerpt from the @CNET article “With Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung returns to comfort zone: hardware” to learn more about this awesome phone–


When Samsung wants to wow, it goes back to hardware.

The Korean electronics giant on Wednesday unveiled the Galaxy Note 4 phablet, the latest model of its phone-tablet hybrid with a 5.7-inch screen and stylus. It also showed off its new Gear S and Gear Circle wearables, which were announced last week, and demonstrated its Gear VR virtual reality headset, built in partnership with Facebook’s Oculus unit.

But it’s a new variant of the Note line, called the Galaxy Note Edge, that really offers something different for mainstream smartphone users. The phablet features a 5.6-inch display that curves around the side of the device — giving a sort of infinity pool effect. Users can see quick notifications, such as sports scores or trending items on Twitter, or click on app shortcuts, even while watching a movie on the main screen. In a world where all smartphones have started to look the same, the Galaxy Note Edge stands out.


“We take risks,” Justin Denison, vice president of product and strategy for Samsung Telecommunications America, said in an interview with CNET. “We think the market will love it.”

It’s vital for Samsung to release a smartphone that gets the buzz going again. The company is the biggest handset vendor in the world, but it’s facing tougher competition both in cheap phones and in pricey devices. Makers of low-cost smartphones such as Xiaomi and Huawei are pressuring sales in the low end, and Apple’s high-end iPhone 5S continues to sell well despite being nearly a year old. Apple plans next week to introduce larger iPhones, which analysts say could pose an even bigger threat to Samsung’s business.



Because Samsung builds components such as displays and chips in-house, it’s able to create new items from scratch for its upcoming devices. For the $200 Gear Fit wearable, released in April, engineers created a curved battery and curved display so the fitness band could form to the wrist. Few companies besides Samsung could do that — or introduce a phone with a wraparound display — without the help of a specialized component supplier.


Tech Tip

Today’s tech tip is from Matthew Woodward at streetdirectory.com. You can check it out in its original format here, or keep reading as it is pasted below!–

People often read into signal bars too deeply without knowing what they mean. How many times have you being unable to make a call due to lack of signal but your friends brag about their five bars! So what does all of this mean? Does it mean that the quality of your call will be clearer? Or does it mean you can only send text messages at the moment, we just don’t know!

There are lots of theories on what the signal bars actually mean, someone people believe they mean one thing while others think they mean another, but take these points into consideration-

There is no industry definition of what one or two bars mean.

A lot of phones only estimate signal quality when they are not in use and only measure it properly when you make a call, this is misleading.

Under the CDMA protocol (mainly used in North America) each bar represents how much of the current signal is usable

So nobody really knows what the signal bars mean, as manufacturers are not working to a standard, a signal bar on a Nokia handset may suggest there is full signal available, where as a Sony Ericsson may suggest there is full signal available but only a portion of it is usable.

This means although a Nokia may show 5 bars, and a Sony Ericsson is showing 1 bar, they could both represent the same signal strength.

Until a mobile industry standard is set that all manufacturers work to, we will never know what they truly mean! Ideally manufacturers will work together and provide some kind of standard, or to at least provide a definition of signal bars and there meaning. Maybe they could simplify the signal bars and just display what type of communication you can make at that instance, emergency services, text message, phone call, video call, 3g call or data for example.


Happy #tbt!

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Pictured below is the icon of one of the FIRST apps ever. Just guess what the name of this app is to be entered to win!

Wireless Wednesday–”Leaked Document Allegedly Shows Apple Will Unveil iPhone 6 On Tuesday, Sept. 9″

Happy Wednesday! We can’t believe this week is going by so fast, and that it’s almost fall! But, there’s plenty to be excited for (not just the cooler temps!), including the much anticipated iPhone 6. See what Business Insider had to say about the most recent Apple rumors–
iphone 6An iPhone 6 conceptual rendering.

Apple will unveil the new iPhone 6 on Tuesday, Sept. 9, according to a document obtained by the French website Nowhere Else. We cannot confirm whether the leak is true, but Nowhere Else has a track record of publishing Apple launch materials ahead of Apple’s secretive schedule, according to Gizmodo.

The news is not unexpected, of course. It has been known for months that Apple is planning a launch event for the iPhone 6 in September, the time of year it normally makes big product launch announcements. It was previously reported by Re/code that Apple would hold a launch event on Sept. 9, but if accurate, this would be the first piece of “official” Apple material to confirm the date.

The date comes from a printed package box or insert, the type of which comes with new product promotions. A photo of the box was passed to Nowhere Else by the site’s “most trusted Chinese source,” the blog says.

This was the same source that leaked, accurately, the fingerprint Touch ID security device prior to the launch of the iPhone 5S, also from printed promo box material.

Gizmodo also warns that the new photo might be a fake:

Points against this being real? There are a few! The previous guide looked more complete, whereas this one appears to be some sort of draft, with no app icons to speak of. There are also several sensors that don’t show up here that you would expect. That could mean it’s fake, or that it’s simply a streamlined version.

Here’s the photo from China, per Nowhere Else. We’ve annotated the two new pieces of info below — the launch date and the confirmation that the product will be called “iPhone 6″ and not some departure from Apple’s branding nomenclature, like “The New iPhone” or “iPhone Air.”

Note also that the box appears to show a 4.7-inch iPhone, not a 5.5-inch iPhone phablet. That will come as a disappointment for people hoping for a genuine competitor to Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and Note 3 products.

iPhone 6

What do you think of this news? Are you anxiously anticipating the new iPhone, or no? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Technical Tip Tuesday

Today for our tech tip we’re going to talk about determining the differences between male and female electronic cable connectors. Sounds super fun and interesting doesn’t it? Oh yes, that’s because it is!–keep reading.

In the plumbing world, you identify male or female components by the threads. A male connector has threads on the outside, and a female connector has threads on the inside. Obviously this is so the male connector can thread into the female connector when installed.

Unlike plumbing, in electronics, determining male and female has nothing to do with the thread. Instead, it has everything to do with the pin inside of the connector. Meaning, if the connector has a pin inside it is male. If it doesn’t (meaning if it receives the pin), then it is female.

Done–It’s that easy!

Like always, if you are having trouble determining what type of connector you need, please call our tech support at 866-294-1660 or email us at tech@wilsonelectronics.com..

Wilson Electronics Takes the #ALSIceBucketChallenge!

It was quite the day at Wilson Electronics!

Yesterday we were challenged by Michael Ginsberg at the 3Gstore to participate in the Ice Bucket Challenge! Needless to say, we took the challenge on wholeheartedly, (we even got the local St. George fire station to stop by!)

Here’s what went down–

We want to thank everyone that participated in our challenge, and we look forward to responses from U.S. Congressman Chris Stewart, St. George City Mayor Jon Pike and our friends at zBoost!

We’re glad to be a part of this challenge, and to help raise awareness in the fight for ALS.


Got an #icebucketchallenge video? Share it with us! We’d love to see :)